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We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our creations, or to discuss future projects with you.
Environmental Policy - Honoring beauty with beauty

How it's Made - A brief description of metalworking techniques.

Final Touches - All about finishes

All That Glitters - More on metals.

Artist Bio - A whole page chock full of boredom.

The Krewe - The denizens of the House.

FAQ - Questions from the ridiculous to the sane

Lifetime Guarantee
This guarantee covers all of our creations, for as long as you own your piece of art.

Appreciation Guarantee
An investment in family.

Certificates of Authenticity
Proof of excellence.

Exchange Policy
Never trust a store without one.

artifactioner (ahr-tuh-fakt-shun-er) n. 1. A person who engages in the act of creating artifacts.

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