Lifetime Guarantee

If any item created by House of Dubhrós is ever found to contain defects caused during their creation, we will refund, repair, or replace your piece.

House of Dubhrós also guarantees the materials we use in our creations. We guarantee all of the materials used to create your piece are genuine and are exactly as listed in the description of the piece.

All of our creations are covered by this lifetime guarantee, for as long as you own your piece of art.

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Repairs, replacements, and refunds are done at our discretion, at no cost to you.
Regular charges apply to all damages not caused by House of Dubhrós.
This guarantee does not cover slight variations found in handmade items; normal wear, environmental, accidental or intentional damage.
A written evaluation, from a qualified and independent third party, may be required for refunds or replacements due to disputes regarding materials used in the creation of your work of art.

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