Electrum Engagement Band
Creation Notes: Cast
Materials: Electrum
Description:This engagement band is made from pure electrum, an alloy of gold and silver. Though electrum occurs naturally and was often used in ancient jewelry and art, today it is rarely found commercially, as the silver is extracted from the gold in modern refining.

Being found in nature, electrum contains varying amounts of gold and silver. House of Dubhrós has developed this special standardized electrum alloy. It is much harder than either gold or silver alone and never tarnishes because of the high gold content. This metal is truly magical, with a warm glow that seems to live and change depending on the metals it is contrasting against.

Like gold, electrum must be cast. This band was created using the lost wax method by carefully weaving wax wires to create the hand made wax mold.

Electrum is available from House of Dubhrós on a VERY special order basis.
Location: Private collection

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