Hecate Amulet

Creation Notes: Fabrication, Overlay, Forged, Carving
Materials: Sterling Silver, Bronze, Amber, Jet
Description: This Amulet was created by first hammering a silver blank into a sheet. I did not want to use rolled sheets because I wanted a more authentic feel. I rolled the edges and took bronze wire and carefully created a Hecate's Wheel.

Since she is said to govern witches and the dead, I wanted a skull for the centerpiece, but it had to be culturally appropriate. So I hand carved one form jet, using hammered tools to get it as close to Grecian metalwork as possible. I finished the front off with three Baltic amber cabochons, the combination of jet and amber being traditionally associated with witches charms.

I textured the back to look like the full moon, since that too was sacred to both Hecate and her Grecian witches. And finished the whole piece off with a triple bail; a somewhat hidden reference to her three faces. The tilting is an optical illusion, since she governed illusion and deception I wanted to make the back look wonky and the front normal.

This piece is the result of a challenge. After seeing another mass produced piece labeled simply “Hecate” I inquired as to what it had in common with the early Greco – Roman Goddess. The short of it was that they manufacturer said that snakes and a certain set of colors are associated with her, and thus created a snake with a few gems soldered to it. I smiled, and started to walk away long ago learning that the general population has little interest in any academic discussion of traditional folklore. My body language must have given me away because as I left I heard “If you think you could do better, then lets see it.”

It amused me immensely when after seeing my finished piece, he asked where I got so many wonderful ideas. I simply told him folklore.
Location: Consignment at The Enchanted Forest

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