Organic Opal

Creation Notes: Fabrication, Lapadary
Materials: Sterling Silver, Opal, Garnet, Star Diopside
Description:Yes, yes I know what your are thinking, “But he never works in opal!”. Well I have had this piece of opal for quite a while. This weekend this piece begin forming in my head and I could not sleep till I finished it. This surreal piece kind of grew out of the flames, and changed on my bench as I worked it, giving it a very haunting and unearthly beauty. In the center is a large hand cut opal, about 10 x 25 mm, with red fire dancing across the surface, it is offset by two garnets and a black star diopside. I left the suspension wire in the picture to show how the piece hangs, or more precisely grows, around the wearer’s necklace.

Stunningly beautiful but more than a little disconcerting, I present to you the Organic Opal Pendant; a one of a kind (thankfully), handmade, signed piece by House of Dubhrós.

I call this piece "The Organic Opal" not because of some perceived carbon content, but because the piece itself seems to be alive.

Location: Private Collection

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