"Tribal Illusion"

Creation Notes: Fabrication, Overlay
Materials: Sterling Silver, Labradorite
Description: I really enjoy primitives when they exist in paradox to the materials in which they were created. In this case I wanted to create a pendant out of modern materials that mimicked the patterns found burned in bone and horn in many early cultures.

I tried time and again to create a design that captured the concept I needed to enshrine into this pendant. Being my own worst critic and having this twisted ability to tolerate failure in everyone else save myself; each crumpled sketch just left me more frustrated than the last. Until one night I got up from my workbench exhausted, and more agitated than I should have been, retreated into my garden to calm down before I could begin.

As I set down among my morning glories and roses, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.
There I found my patterns...
Location: Private collection

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