"Universal Triskelion"

Creation Notes: Reticulation, Overlay, Fabrication
Materials: Sterling Silver, Reticulated Silver, Sunstone, Moonstone, Star Diopside
Description: The triskelion is an old Celtic symbol steeped with meaning. This piece was a massive undertaking.

The body of the piece is composed of reticulated silver, created by a process developed by Jeremy Dubhrós. Reticulated silver is special type of silver that begins to buckle and fold when processed properly, creating a beautiful rippled effect. This process is extremely labor intensive and takes no less than nine different steps to accomplish. Because of the difficulty in creating reticulated silver and the time involved in the processes, it cannot be properly created by machine so has never been mass produced. As such it is virtually unknown to the general public but highly prized by collectors.

Carl Gustavovich Fabergé, the creator of the famous eggs for Czars Alexander III and Nicholas II of Russia, originally discovered reticulated silver. The process he used to create the unique form of silver caused it to become very brittle, and the patterns would collapse if heated. Thus his reticulated silver had to be set like a stone and could not be bent, stamped or otherwise worked. This process was improved at House of Dubhrós, allowing us to create a workable metal.

Sterling wire was used to create the triskelion design and was directly overlaid onto the piece. Then a 10 mm sunstone, moonstone, and star diopside were added to the ends of the curve.

This piece was created as a anniversary present, kind of as an inside joke. I selected these stones so that she could tell people she actually received the sun, moon, and stars for her anniversary. This is also the piece that won first place in silversmithing, at the South Central Federation of Mineralogical Societies conference.
Location: Private collection

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