Sterling Silver Forged Rune Set
Description:These runes sets are forged from pure sterling silver, never cast. Each piece is first hand hammered out to a thickness of about 2 mm. Then, a rune is engraved into each token using hand made tools unique to House of Dubhrós.

These rune sets are available in three sizes:
       The runes in the Standard Set measure about 8 x 12 mm.
       The ones in the Large Set are 12 x 19 mm.
       And our X-Large set includes 19 x 25 mm runes.
       (It takes over 200 grams of silver to make this one.)

These sets include a pouch to protect your investment, and a genuine leather casting cloth.
(Color and style of pouch and casting cloth may vary from the one pictured.)

Every set is made to order so please allow one to two weeks for delivery.
These sets are by special order only please contact Customer Service to place your order.

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