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House of Dubhrós is a family owned studio specializing in hand made, heirloom quality creations. We pride ourselves on not only our workmanship but also our originality. In addition to unique designs and one of a kind pieces, we offer jewelry wrought from legend and folklore, hand cut gems and a multitude of other creations your can only find here, at the House of Dubhrós. Each piece is truly a gift from the past, to the present, for the future.

Silver Inlaid Bronze
Runic Pendants
I have now completed the required training to become certified as an Accredited Jewelry Professional by the Gemological Institute of America. So now in addition to my Lifetime Guarantee you can buy with confidence knowing that I have been certified by the worlds leading authority on precious stones.

In keeping with House of Dubhrós's concern for our environment and its people, we have found a source that sells reclaimed silver. Now every sterling piece we make is made from recycled silver. This will not affect the quality of your heirloom, as the silver is refined from scrap and chemically identical to mine processed silver. Yet another reason to wear our works with pride; knowing that not only was it created under humane conditions, but also that no land was strip mined in the creation of your new piece of art.

Sterling and Bronze
Awen Amulet
artifact (ahr-tuh-fakt) n.
1. An object produced or shaped by human craft, such as a tool, weapon, or ornament, especially with a view to subsequent use.
2. A handmade object, or the remains of one, with the characteristic of an earlier time or cultural stage, esp. of archaeological, historical or cultural interest.

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